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Best Pocket Knife Sharpener To Get In 2020

If you have a pocket knife and you are a backpacker or it could even be that you enjoy camping a lot, there are high chances that you would need to use your knife often.

No matter the quality of your knife, once you use it a lot it would start to get dull over time and would not have the same piercing power. With a knife sharpener, you can remove the dullness and bring it back to life in no time.

With a pocket knife sharpener, you are assured that your knife will always stay sharp and good. The biggest problem here now is picking the best pocket sharpener for you.

Types of Knife Sharpeners

 As we have mentioned earlier, once you keep using a knife frequently, chances are that it would eventually get dull. No matter how much care you give your blades, with time they are going to lose their edges.

Before picking a knife sharpening tool, the first thing you should consider is knowing about the different types available.

Sharpening stone: Although one of the oldest ways, it is still considered one of the most efficient ways to sharpen a knife. The conventional sharpening stones measure about an inch in thickness and are mostly made up of hard materials like diamond and ceramic.

These stones have the ability to remove lots of materials from the knife so you would find these stones handy when dealing with a knife that has lost its touch or rather considered dull.

Sharpening Steel: Even as their name says they are sharpening steel, they do not perform such function. Sharpening steels are used for horning blades and basically what it means is that they are used for maintaining the edges of a knife and not sharpening the ones that are already dull.

They look like a long narrow rod that is either steel or ceramic in most cases. Compared to the sharpening stone, they do not remove a lot of material from the knife but they help reshape the blade to its original position.

Knife Hones: Just like sharpening steels, knife hones work almost in the same way as they both only take a few materials from the knife. They come in different styles as well as sizes. Most knife hones will make use of steel or stone to do the sharpening.

Just like the sharpening steel, the knife hones are not also good in sharpening knives that are completely dull. Regardless of everything said already, knife hones can also be a good substitute for a knife sharpener because they can polish the blade and also hone it.

Electric Knife Sharpeners: The appearance of an electric knife sharpener is a rectangular box that has slots for the blade. They also consist of a motor that spins when it is sharpening a blade. This is a very popular choice due to their speed and convenience.

Compared to the other sharpeners, they are heavier and they also do not allow you to have total control over the sharpening process. These knife sharpeners are better for sharpening kitchen knives than pocket knives.

Now that we have mentioned the types of knife sharpeners, you should already have an idea of what you want to get for your pocket knives. Below, we would be listing out some of the best pocket knife sharpeners you can use for your pocket knives.

BlizeTec Knife Sharpener

best pocket knife sharpener

When it comes to being convenient and being portable, the BlizeTec knife sharpener comes first on our list. It has the shape of a pen and weighs as little as 1.4 ounces.

This Sharpener is also light enough to fit into a pocket when going out and can be deployed for use anytime and anywhere with ease. It is one of the best Knife sharpeners on this list.

Apart from the ease in mobility, it can also be used to sharpen other tools apart from knives. This sharpener is a rod that is coated in diamond and has a flat surface that you can use for standard objects like sharpening pocket knives as well as kitchen knives.

They also consist of a serrated edge you can use to take care of serrated blades. This knife sharpener can also be seen as a 3 in 1 sharpener because they have a grooved edge that you can use to maintain edges on your hooked items.

This knife sharpener has an aluminum handle and is able to hone both indoors and outdoors because of the associated diamond rod. These knives are very durable and the company that produces it gives a lifetime warranty.


They are lightweight and have a pen shape which makes them very easy to carry. They also have serrated and flat edges and can be used to sharpen blades both indoors and outdoors.

They are made up of diamonds and aluminum and are very durable. They can be used to restore knife edges with just a few strokes and they also come with a lifetime warranty.


The major downside to this knife sharpener is the fact that they are too short for people that like to sharpen with long strokes.

Smith’s PP1 Multifunction Sharpener

best knife sharpener

When it comes to the total weight, the Smith’s PP1 is the lightest pocket sharpener on the list with a weight measuring as little as 0.3 ounces.

Regardless of how small it is, it performs very well. This knife sharpener consists of a carbide blade that gives your knife that sharp edge and also a ceramic stone to give your blade that razor-sharp finishing.

This pocket knife sharpener also consists of a pull out rod coated in diamond that would help take care of pocket knives with serrated edges.

The sharpening angles have already been preset by Smith so all you need to do is put the knife in then push it in and pull out till you have your desired sharpness.

To further make this knife sharpener more convenient, they have a molded grip for your finger and also a lanyard hole.


They consist of carbide blades that help speed up sharpening with a ceramic finishing stone to achieve a razor-sharp edge. Their weight makes them suitable to go into pockets easily.

Another advantage is the fact that the carbide and ceramic stones are replaceable so you can use a sharpener for a long time. For serrated edges, they have a diamond-coated rod to help sharpen them.


For people with larger hands, they might find it difficult to make use of this sharpener because of its small size.

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

 best pocket knife sharpener

With this knife sharpener, you need little to zero experience to be able to use it because of how easy it is. It has a diamond-coated rod that unlike most knife sharpeners, this one is longer.

This feature makes it easier and faster for you to maintain and sharpen your serrated tools. It also comes with a carbide blade and ceramic V sharpeners which are set at 40 degrees for tools with flat surfaces as well as your pocket knives.

The Lansky PS-MED01 knife sharpener also has a ceramic knife sharpener that is serrated and this can help sharpen serrated tools easily. This knife is made completely from metals and this also adds to its durability and it also consists of a small lanyard hole.


They have a longer diamond rod to help achieve better results when sharpening serrated tools. The knife sharpener was made with metals which helps increase durability and they have textured surfaces for good grips.


 The diamond rod is not considered to be the best.

Sharpal 101N Knife Sharpener

best knife sharpener

When it comes to bringing back the edge on straight-edge knives, the Sharpal 101N is a very good sharpener for this task. It is also good for knives with serrated edges as well.

It consists of carbide blades that help accelerate the sharpening process with ceramic blades with the sole use of horning as well as a razor-sharp finishing. They also consist of a 400 grit diamond rod that is used for serrations.

This knife sharpener is a multipurpose object as it can also be very useful outdoors. Not only can this knife sharpener do justice to blades, but they also have a fire starter for making campfires.

They are also equipped with an emergency whistle which is also useful in emergency situations. You might be thinking because the fire starter is inside a knife sharpener so it might not work well but it does and the whistle is very loud as well.

This knife sharpener is small enough to be carried around easily as it does not have excess weight for you to even feel its impact. The unique orange color also makes it very easy to spot when in search of it.


They have carbide blades to do justice to the edges of knives with ceramic blades for horning. They have a diamond rod for serrations. They also come with a fire starter and a loud whistle for emergency situations. They have a unique color that makes it unique to spot.


It would take extra strokes to get a sharp edge.

Victorinox Pocket Knife Sharpener

best pocket knife sharpener

This knife sharpener consists of a ceramic rod that is oval in shape and they are made by Victorinox and they also work effectively for medium sharpening. What makes this knife sharpener one of the best on the list is the fact that it is very easy to carry.

Not only is it easy to carry, but it is also very easy to conceal. Even though it has a ceramic rod, it also has a V-style pull-through sharpener and it is very easy to use even for someone who does not even have experience in using them.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, this knife sharpener comes with no problem in that aspect. All you need to keep it in shape is just to use warm water and a nylon scrub pad.

This sharpener also comes with a drainage hole that allows liquid go out freely and helps it dry well. This product also comes with a lifetime guarantee.


It has a 100% enclosure that makes it safe to be kept in pockets. It consists of a ceramic rod for sharpening and a pull-through sharpener for making the sharpening process easy.

It also comes with drainage to keep liquid off the object and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Even though it has a V-shape pull through, it is not the best option when looking for a razor sharp edge.

Alpha Tek Hunting Knife Sharpener

best knife sharpener

When it comes to ease of use, the Alpha Tek is actually the knife sharpener that is the easiest to use on our list. It has a variety of sharpening applications which makes it a very good choice.

Unlike other knives sharpener, this sharpener has some crossed carbide blades that ensure a quick edge setting. They also have a ceramic rod for razor-sharp finishing. At first sight, this sharpener is all black with some things written on it in white.

This sharpener is also very easy to carry, you can simply just hang it on your backpack as well as your pocket.


It has a 1,500 ceramic and carbide abrasives. They also come with preset sharpening angles and are very quick and easy for sharpening knives.


This sharpener would not be good to be held for long as it is a hard sharpener.