best semi auto shotgun

Best Semi-Auto Shotgun In 2020

Shotguns are considered to be some of the most lethal weaponry when defending one’s self. This is mostly due to the absurd amount of damage they can put out at a close range. And this damage is due to how the bullets (called shotgun pellets) spread when shot. 

Semi-auto shotguns are able to fire shotgun pellets after every trigger pull, without having to manually chamber another shot. They usually make use of gas, blowback or recoil operation to cycle said action [ shooting multiple shells at the same time], eject the empty shell and load another round. Some also provide you with an optional manual way of doing these actions. 

With semi-auto shotguns, whenever you shoot, the internal mechanism which is spring-loaded shoots out the old cartridge and brings in a new one.

A semi-automatic shotgun is built to do the work for you. By this I mean when the fore-end is pulled to eject a used cartridge and pushed to load a new one, instead of hearing the “chuck chuck” sound, it does the work for you. And it does this using either the recoil or the high-pressure gases from when the shells are fired.

So now lets jump into the list of semi-auto shotguns in this article.

Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun

best semi auto shotgun

The company (Benelli) in charge of making these guns are known to make them for a discerning clientele. Clients like the U.S marine corps, the French special forces, the Irish special forces to mention a few as well as a lot of assorted law enforcement agencies. This beauty is mostly considered to be the Cadillac of semi-auto shotguns.

It was initially made for the marine corps, where it served them using the name M1014.

The Benelli m4 is a 12 gauge, gas worked, semi-auto shotgun made specifically for tactical operation. The gas system in question here is known as the ARGO (auto regulating gas operated) system. 

This gas system (ARGO) increases the reliability of a shotgun by taking gasses from further up the barrel than normal. This in effect gives you cleaner gas and less fouling. Said system also implements two pistons that directly contact the bolt. It’s simpler and less heavy than most gas systems.

As with all things of quality, the price of the Benelli m4 starts at a whooping 1300$ and could go as high as 3000$ making it mostly inaccessible to the general public.

So if you are a person who needs a gun that is reliable even after going through a sandstorm or even after being generally abused then the Benelli m4 is for you.

The Browning A5


This was the very first semi-auto shotgun made but it is still amongst the best till today (with improvements of course).

While the old model ran on a recoil system the new one runs on a Benelli-like inertial system coined the “kinematic drive”. Browning loves naming every feature of their guns.

The browning starts at a price of about 1300$ similar to the Benelli mentioned above whereas its highest price for about 1600$.

This gun is a hunter’s favorite so if you are looking to hunt some game you should take a look at this gun.

The Beretta 1301 Tactical Shotgun

best semi auto shotgun

The beretta tactical shotgun is a gun that has been deeply rooted in the history of American law enforcement. It was originally imported from Italy into the U.S and was then mostly used for policing in the U.S. To date it is considered a very good go-to weapon for law enforcement and home defense.

Basically, the beretta is built for combat.

It is chambered for the commonly used 12 gauge and is also capable of handling both the 2.75” and 3” shells. The magazine holds four shells.

Another advantage of the beretta is its oversized controls that include an oversized bolt handle and bolt release which increases their effectiveness under stress.

Fast sight acquisition is most important when people’s lives are on the line and for this reason, the beretta uses one of the best sighting solutions for the shotgun. These solutions are a ghost ring rear sight and a blade front sight. This arrangement has been found to be highly effective and very accurate.

As this shotgun was built with law enforcement in mind the gun was equipped with short stock to meet these requirements. This short stock allows for easier storage and retrieval from an already small police car. These same features also work well for armed civilians as well.

 The beretta also boasts of being lightweight thus allowing it to be maneuvered much more easily than some competitors in the field.

The beretta is valued at about 1000$ which makes it more available than our previously mentioned shotguns. So if you are looking for a weapon to defend your home with, this is your go-to weapon.


When FNH USA plans a shotgun they don’t acknowledge mediocrity. Rather, they make a world-class item. The FNH USA Self-Loading Police (SLP) shotgun is an experienced design and an incredible shotgun in a world brimming with only great shotguns.

Out of the crate, it is prepared to perform at the most significant level to secure your family or win a 3 weapon coordinate. The initial thing you notice when you get the SLP is its lightweight.

Utilizing a compound alloy receiver to spare weight, this makes the SLP quick to deal with and also evenly balanced. At the point when you shoot it, you wonder why it doesn’t kick like a 12 gauge. I am not overtly recoil delicate, however high backlash drive is the foe of the quick follow-up shot.

A lighter firearm regularly has more felt recoil. FNH USA is acceptable, yet they can’t change the laws of science, so they cheated. Rather, they utilize a short-stroke gas framework that assimilates a lot of the force and changes over it to cycle the activity.

The gas cylinder fits over the magazine cylinder and mates with the gas block on the barrel. At the point when the SLP is shot, gas ports direct gas onto the cylinder, pushing the gas sleeve backward. A bar connects the gas sleeve and the jolt assembly, pushing the jolt forward against recoil.

The FNH SLP MK1 goes for about 1300$.

The Mossberg 930 Tactical 8-shot SPX

best semi auto shotgun

The 930 Tactical 8-shot SPX is a somewhat long name that gives us a few hints regarding the proposed use. The primary stop is that it is a gas-worked, self-loader shotgun. 

It’s the sort of shotgun you load up by placing numerous shells in the magazine (tube). When you rack the charging handle, you can pull the trigger and fire consistently without taking any other kind of action. This shotgun uses the gas from the shell to cycle the activity. 

There are likewise inertia driven self-loading rifles.

Pump firearms expect you to cycle the weapon—pulling the handle back discharges the spent shell and loads a new one—each time you shoot, until void.

At about $1,000 you may be enticed to stop and weigh out your choices. That is a ton of money. In any case, the Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical is overly solid, ergonomically respectable with its different models, and exact. It truly relies upon what job you have as a primary concern. To my estimation, this weapon is intended for strategic applications. 

I could undoubtedly imagine it in administration with a SWAT group however it could likewise fill in as an alarming home protector.

The Stoeger M3500

The Stoeger M3500 is a 7.8-pound inertia driven self-loader shotgun fit for cycling everything from light 2 3/4-inch to overwhelming 3 1/2-inch magnum loads. The 12-check M3500 ships with standard extras including improved chamber, adjusted, full, and expanded extra-full turkey screw-in stifles. Also a not too bad multi-measure gag wrench and stock shims.

The 3500 resembles a more vigorous 2000. It has just the trace of a humpbacked receiver, similar to the 2000. It is obviously Benelli-enlivened, in spite of the fact that with the modern styling is somewhat restrained.

It has a Benelli-style rotating jolt and a level jolt lock button close by the trigger gatekeeper just as a ventilated, ventured rib like the ones found on the M2 and Super Black Eagle. The weapon comes in fundamental dark, Realtree APG, or Max 4 with a customary checkering design shaped into the stock and lower arm. It has a delicate, vented elastic cushion and a necessary turn stud in the buttstock.

At the opposite finish of the weapon, there’s an enormous orange fiber-optic dot taking after a more brilliant variant of the old Ithaca RayBar sight. Taking all things together, it is neither acceptable nor terrible looking, which is somewhat the purpose of the 3500. This is a nitty-gritty working weapon.

As for the price, the Stoeger is on the more affordable side of things as its initial starting price is at about 650$.

All in all semi-auto shotguns are at the end very useful and powerful weapons so one should know or at least have an idea of what it is exactly they want to buy.