Best Survival Kit

Best Survival Kit To Get In 2020

We live in a world where things can switch up anytime and we find ourselves in an emergency situation. You could find yourself in a severe storm, an epidemic, or even a pandemic.

It could also be a natural disaster and even war in a few cases. It could be as basic as getting lost in the wilderness. The question still remains, are you prepared? Are you well equipped enough to survive a life and death situation?

In every regular home, they should have about a 3 day supply of food and water, even if they have more that’s better. Items like flashlights, tools like survival knives, axes, and some medications as well as first-aid kits.

These are the basic requirements when it comes to having a survival kit. It is not easy to put one together as it would take a lot of time and thought but this article is here to further simplify that process.

You would be able to choose the ones that are good for you and personalize it to suit your needs. You shouldn’t hesitate to do this because even if everything seems fine now, you might never know when it would come in handy.

Ready America 70280 Emergency Kit

The Ready America 70280 Emergency Kit, has enough supplies to sustain 2 people for up to 3 days (72 hours). It consists of food bars, water, and basic supplies for survival in a small and handy bag. This kit comes with a survival blanket which is good for shelter and also warmth and it has emergency ponchos for each person.

It comes with a 12 hour light stick and a loud emergency whistle. This kit also comes with a 33 piece first aid kit that can be used to dress wounds as well as treat minor injuries. For protection against respiratory diseases as well as other common diseases, this kit comes with a dust mask and nitrile gloves.

The food bars in this kit are not your ordinary food bars. They are packed with nutrients to keep your immune system strong against diseases and are quite tasty as well. They are cholesterol-free and they can be stored without expiry for up to 5 years.

In summary, the Ready America Emergency kit is a very good kit for starters if you are an individual or a couple. As your family grows, you might also need to be updating the contents in the kit like more flashlights, batteries, tools, and even a radio. Regardless of the size of the family, you would also need to pack enough water and this kit can be kept at home or at work.


They contain the basic items you would need for survival for 3 days and they also come with tasty and nutritious food bars that are packed in a handy backpack.


Their first aid kit is not too sophisticated and they are basic.

Blue Coolers 72 Hour Backpack Survival Kit

Compared to the Ready America Emergency Kit, the Blue Cooler Survival Kit consists of emergency items packed for just one person. They are packed in a well-made grab and go backpack that has a triple pocket. 

This kit consists of a 72 hours supply of food bars that are highly nutritious and are about 2,400 calories. This kit also has 5 drinking water pouches that measure at 4.2 ounces each. Both the food and water have a shelf life of over 5 years. It also has an emergency blanket and a raincoat.

It is equipped with dust masks for protection from respiratory disease and wildfires or other natural disasters that might pose a threat to your respiratory organs.

This kit is also equipped with a crank-powered flashlight that can light your way when the power is gone. It also has a loud whistle and a compass included in the backpack which makes the Blue Cooler Survival Kit also good for camping trips. They also consist of a 36 piece first aid kit to help treat injuries.

This emergency kit is very simple and also flexible. The Blue Cooler Survival Kit can get you through hours after an emergency situation. It also has enough room in the backpack to add other survival items in case the ones in it are not enough for you.


They are not so expensive and the backpack is of good quality. The compass included in the emergency kit makes navigation easier during emergency situations.


Some of the items have been reported to be 2 years into expiration.

Everlit 250-piece Survival Kit with Molle System

The Everlit Survival Kit is of military-grade and has been tested by the United States armed forces veterans. The Everlit Survival Kit with military molle EMT pouch was also made by the United States armed forces.

Unlike other survival kits, this one comes with an astonishing 250 piece first aid kit which also includes survival gear. The EMT bag is a military-grade bag and it is very durable. The bag is made of durable 600 D nylon that is also water-resistant.

This bag also includes 3 large compartments where you can add other gears and it measures as 8 x 6.5 x 5 inches and weighs only 1.9 pounds. You can use the molle feature which is at the back to attach other bags and also to fasten a belt.

OSHA has guidelines set in place for one family which the Everlit First aid Kit exceeds. In this kit, there are butterfly bandages, sting relief pads as well as a CPR mask for cardiac and respiratory-related issues. Their first aid kit simply takes care of the basic family and friends need whenever they are in an outing or even camping.

The Everlit Survival Kit includes some survival gears such as a 3-mode tactical flashlight with a strobe. They also include a survival knife and a Flintstone with a multi-functional saber card tool.

This kit also includes a poncho in case of rain and an emergency blanket with glow sticks included. Also included are a hiking compass and a loud whistle that most campers and hikers would find amusing.


This kit was created and tested by the military so it is a high-grade survival kit and has first aid supplies that can do well for a family. They also have CPR masks included in case of an emergency.


Their knife is a bit dull and their flashlight is of low quality. It also comes with just one blanket.

Sustain Supply Company Comfort 4 Survival Bag

Unlike other popular survival kits, the Sustain Supply Company Comfort 4 Survival bag is a kit that can serve up to 4 people and sustain them for up to 72 hours.

One of the features that make this kit so unique is the fact that it has a water filter system. This means when you are out of water, you can use water sources nearby and there would not be any fear of contamination.

Apart from the fact that it has a water filtration system, it comes with 4 liters of quality and pure water and unlike other survival kits that have food bars, the Sustain Supply Company Comfort 4 Survival bag contains emergency food.

Compared to the other survival kits, the backpack of this kit is quite large and can accommodate more things. Present in this backpack is high-quality food and water, cyalum snap lights with 2 flashlights as well as 2 LED lanterns so you know you are sure of light when darkness comes.

This kit comes with a whooping sum of 4 blankets so all 4 users of this kit have one each. Though there are no rain ponchos present in this one. It has a portable stove that can be used to prepare hot meals. This kit comes with a fire starter, bowls, knives, and some other basic utensils.

The Sustain Supply Company Comfort 4 Survival bag is good for situations when you need to make shelter. They are very easy to pack and are mobile as well. It comes expensive but is very much worth the price.


This kit includes a water filtration system that is useful in case there is a shortage of water. They also come with a portable stove that can be used in making food.


They have no raincoats included so you are at a disadvantage when rain falls, although you can pack a rain poncho separately inside the bag. They are also an expensive option.

Complete Earthquake Bag by Redfora

The Complete Earthquake Bag by Redfora is designed to serve just 2 people in a time span of just 72 hours. This bag is useful for emergency situations like after earthquakes, hurricanes, and all other natural disasters.

In the survival kit, you would have a 3,600 calorie food bar with about 24-liter water pouches to keep you hydrated. It also comes with 2 hydration bags as well as straws and water purification tablets in case you run out of water but find a source to get water.

After an emergency, the Redfora Earthquake bag can provide you with enough light, food, water as well as warmth. This bag also consists of a flashlight and a candle that can last as long as 30 hours. This kit also has sleeping bags that can help keep you warm and it also comes with waterproof matches for starting and sustaining fires.

There is also a two-person tent included in the kit in case two people need to get to shelter. With a radio included, you can have access to local information around the area you are caught up in.

This bag also comes with a first aid kit as well as a personal hygiene kit. They consist of items like work gloves, about 50 feet of nylon rope, goggles, and a sewing kit in case there is a situation where fabrics are torn. There is also an emergency poncho included in the kit and they also have body warmers for situations where the weather is too cool.

This kit is ideal for after disasters because it consists of materials that would help you survive after a disaster and also keep you in good shape medically as well as physically.


They have water purification tablets that help with contaminated water. A two-man tent is also included and enough lighting to serve you for 72 hours.


This kit only has a pair of goggles as well as gloves.

Emergency Zone Survival Kit Go Bag

The Emergency Zone Go Bag can also be described as a multi-purpose survival kit that was made to also serve 2 people for a total period of 3 days. This kit is also good for emergencies such as natural disasters and even situations like a pandemic.

The backpack was designed to weigh as little as possible with enough room to accommodate some personal items such as baby supplies, pet supplies, and even some clothing.

This bag also includes some food bars very dense in calories that are even approved by the United States coast guard. They also come with about twelve 4.2 ounce water packet with some water purifying powder. It also has a sleeping bag and rain poncho with some hand warmers. A two-person tube tent is also included.

Adding to the perks of this backpack, you are assured of good lighting as this kit comes with a flashlight as well as light sticks with a radio. There is also a first aid kit and a hygiene kit included and they come with tools like a knife and also a can opener.