best throwing knives

[TOP 8] Best Throwing Knives In 2020

Best Throwing Knives

Before we dive into this article, let’s take a look at a scenario.

The same time it would take an attacker to move 21 feet is also the same time on average it would take a professionally trained person to reach for a weapon, draw it, aim, and then fire.

If it is someone who has not been trained by the military or any form of defense organization it would even take longer so the attacker can easily close distances.

This is one of the reasons knives have been getting some attention especially throwing knives. One reason people opt into this object is because of the fact that you can draw this weapon and at the same time fire with a single motion.

Apart from the fact that these knives are very convenient to use, anyone who knows how to throw knives well is also seen as a badass.

When picking a throwing knife, regardless of what you want to use it for, be it for throwing, self-defense, and even as a hobby, there are some considerations common to all of them.

First, you would want a knife in which both the handle and the blade are just one material. A single material with a sharp edge that can easily slide out of your finger without any complications.

Apart from the material you would also want to consider the weight of the throwing knife you want to use. Some people prefer heavier knives for more damage while some prefer lighter knives for mobility and easy maneuver.

Also, one last thing you should take into consideration is the length of the knife. A longer knife is heavier, easy to throw and deals more damage but the flaw to it is that it has a short range.

A shorter knife on the other hand is harder to throw as they require some practice. They are easy to deploy and have more range than longer knives. Below we would be showing you some of the best throwing knives we have seen and reviewed.

Gil Hibben Cord Grip

best throwing knife

Gil Hibben is a popular brand and it sure is one name you are definitely going to see again. One thing that is associated with this brand is its unique quality.

Gil Hibben started his journey making knives in the 1960s making them for Browning. Ever since then all they have been producing are of fantastic quality.

Once you see the name “Hibben” on it, it is definitely worth your money and also worth having a place in your collection. If you are looking for a good throwing knife that is also budget-friendly then the Gil Hibben Cord Grip is definitely a good option for you.

These knives are made from 420 J2 stainless steel which is also the material used in higher grade knives. They are also perfectly balanced for use.

They are about 8 inches long and have a total weight of about 6 ounces. A knife with a weight of 6 ounces is considered too light by professionals. When it comes to beginners, this knife is one of the best you can get.

With it, you can learn the ropes and you can easily use it, with constant practice to develop a style. Most people use this knife more often for practicing purposes because they can be thrown repeatedly with them getting tired.

Once you are familiar with this knife you can then consider upgrading to Hibben Thrower II which costs more but overall, is a better knife compared to the Cord Grip.

This knife goes for as low as $22. One of the advantages of this knife is its affordability but a downside to this knife is the fact that they are not only short but also light.

Cold Steel 80PGTK GI Tanto

best throwing knives

When it comes to creating throwing knives that are not only appealing to the eye but also useful for all other everyday carry purposes, Cold Steel is where you should turn to.

This tanto is about 12 inches long and the blade alone measures at about 7 inches out of it. The blade can be attached to a stick or a long object to form a spear and it can also be used for other basic camping activities as well as a hatchet.

This knife is not one of the best picks for beginners because it has a central balance that would most likely give them a lot of problems. With this knife, you can easily throw it from the blade and likewise from the handle without any problem whatsoever.

This knife is made up of 1055 Carbon and can be sharpened with ease. This blade also holds an edge for a long time. It has an overall weight of 10 ounces and some people too might also consider this a lightweight material.

If the Cold Steel tanto is a bit too light for you, then you should be looking to consider the “Perfect Balance Thrower” which is also made by Cold Steel but it is longer, weighs more, and a good pick for beginners to use. The Cold Steel 80PGTK GI Tanto has a market value of $21.

Smith and Wesson SWTK10CP

best throwing knife 2020

These knives are not your ordinary knives, they are of military-grade and should not be used anyhow or even handled carelessly. They have edges that are sharp and deadly.

They are made from 2Cr13 High carbon steel from the sides to the tip with the sole aim of doing maximum damage. It has a total length of 10 inches and weighs about 7.4 ounces.

When it comes to the range of a weapon, this weapon actually has a decent range compared to other knives. The length also comes at an advantage when it comes to dealing damage to an attacker.

The design is in a way that it would be lightweight and also able to be deployed and thrown very fast for maximum results. This is a knife that should not even be used for practice because they are deadly and sharp. One mistake can lead to serious injuries because these blades show no mercy with their piercing power.

An advantage of this knife is that they hold an edge for a long time. One of the cons of this blade is the fact that they are very light for a long knife. These knives go for as little as $29.

United Cutlery UC2772 Expendables Kunai

best throwing knives

You would be familiar with this knife if you have seen the movie “The Expendables”. This knife was used by Lee Christmas who we all know as Jason Statham.

Even before they made it to the movie, they were good knives and also used by many. With the finger ring at the end of the knife, this blade allows easy deployment and also control with ease when you are in close-range combat.

This knife also cuts down wind resistance when they are in the air. It has an overall weight of 8 ounces and it is made up of an AUS – 6 stainless steel and this knife can be thrown at a long distance with good accuracy.

It has a total length of 12 inches that helps with balance. Although the handle which is nylon-wrapped would take a while to get used to it.

One of the advantages of this knife is its range as it can be thrown for long distances. A drawdown to this knife as mentioned earlier is the handle, the handle takes a while to get used to and this blade goes for a price of $31.

Perfect Point PP-28-3BK

best throwing knife

This knife is also referred to as “Little Monster”. This knife is very small and they are always about a foot long and that length is what gives the knife a good rotation when in motion with a reasonably good balance.

If you are someone who is tired of using bigger knives then you can consider the PP-28. Although they are knives, they should not be thrown like one but rather they should be thrown like shurikens.

They work really well at medium length distances and also at close range combats when you are one on one with an attacker and they are sharp with an ability to also spin incredibly fast.

With the capabilities of this knife, you can even sink the point with a panic throw.  It weigh as small as 5 ounces and they have an overall length of 6.5 inches.

The PP-28 has dull edges and their handles are wrapped so even if you are a beginner you are still able to use this blade well. This knife is not as expensive as the other alternatives as it goes for a low as $11.

One advantage of this knife is its spinning ability and likelihood of it sinking the point but a disadvantage is that it is very small.

United Cutlery GH2033 Gil Hibben

best throwing knives 2020

This blade is of professional grade. It was built for people with throwing experience in mind as they can’t be used by a beginner except they have constant practice with other easier ones.

This knife does not even have a handle grip. It’s common sense that a knife without a handle can easily slip out of an amateur’s hands.  The fitting build of the handle was made to allow throwers to experiment and find their style.

With this knife, you can use a standard hammer grip as well as a throw underhand, over the shoulder, and also some tricky cross-body maneuvers.

Compared to other knives, they have a slow spin and it is due to the fact that there are over 12 inches long and weigh as high as 13 ounces. They are made up of 420 stainless steel that would not rust and they also hold edges longer.

Although this knife was made with professionals in mind, beginners can also use it as a challenge to themselves and increase their skill.

One of the advantages of this knife is the ability for a thrower to use multiple styles with it. A drawdown with this blade is the fact that it can easily slip out of your hands. Compared to other knives this blade is expensive and it goes for as high as $40 on average.

Perfect Point PAK-712-12 Throwing knife

best throwing knife

This knife is more suitable for straight throwing as they do not even spin. Even if they do, they can’t spin well. It comes in a set of 12 pieces with 6 silver and 6 black knives made out of stainless steel. For a large set, they come at a very competitive price.

The blade style is similar to a normal cutting knife in the kitchen and it has a curve in the blade as well as the handle and it is to ensure weight distribution while throwing.

Each knife also has a hole in its handle and you can use them for many things like running a string through them or tying some around your neck.

It is not advisable for people who are new to knife throwing to pick up the PAK-712 as it would require some experience to be able to throw properly.

For the fact that this blade does not spin it would require precision when throwing it. It has a total length of 8.5 inches each and they also weigh as small as 3 ounces each.

SOG F041TN Throwing Knife

best throwing knives

This knife is a multipurpose knife that can not only be used for throwing but also for your everyday use. It was made by SOG and it consists of 3 jet black knives made out of 420 stainless steel and it has reinforced nylon handles wrapped in paracord which allows users to have an easy grip.

This blade has a balanced weight with the handle which is an important factor for throwing knives. The sheath of the knife can also be easily strapped to your belt for quick access or if you want to carry it without being seen you can also hide it around your leg. This blade has a weight of 4 ounces with a total length of 12.5 inches.